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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I cancel an order or return a product after I received it?
2. How long does it take to make a chandelier?
3. How should I pay and what are my payment options?
4. What happens if my chandelier arrives damaged or incomplete?
5. Can I order a chandelier that is customised from one of your products or can I order a custom designed chandelier?
6. How should I decide which size and shape of chandelier will fit?
7. Is there a showroom or a shop where I can see the chandeliers in person?
8. Can I purchase chandeliers for resale or for special commercial projects?
9. How is it possible to ship such brittle goods as glass chandeliers?
10. Who can I contact to install my chandelier?
11. How can I be sure that the products sold by Murano-Lite are genuine products and that they are manufactured in Murano and Venice in the traditional way?
12. What are the shipping costs in and outside of European Union?
13. Can the chandeliers on your website be ordered in other colours than specified on your website?
14. At what point during the ordering process do I enter into a binding contract?
15. What security do I have that Murano-Lite can be trusted to deliver my order?
16. Why is your VAT rate only 15%? Isn't it a mistake?
I have another question, how can I contact Murano-Lite?