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Mutant Chandelier

Just trying to imagine what is going on in the head of Fred Frety, who designed this amazing chandelier, is a fun thing to do. Look at this design inspired by tradition and consider the genius behind this idea: to subtly, tastefully change just a few elements against all the others… Like this one pale arm that goes up and bends down, unlike all the other arms. Like this one leaf that is taller and simpler and paler than all the other leaves. Like the few places where red glass was mixed into the black mass. This work of art is very creative and courageous, and it certainly stands out. For people who value exactly those values…
diameter 70 cm
height 85 cm
colours black+red
number of arms 6
bulbs 6x E14 60W (not incl)
materials  ? highest quality glass, hand made, in Murano
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