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All you need to know about Murano glass

What is Murano?

Murano is a small Italian town located entirely on a small group of islands, similarly – and indeed very close to – Venice. It takes only 17 minutes by waterbus from Venice to Murano.

Just like Venice, Murano is set 
on a cluster of small islands
Murano on Google’s map

What is Murano glass?

In the stricter sense this term refers exclusively to hand-made glass products manufactured on the island of Murano. These may include anything from small figurines to the famous chandeliers.

In the broader sense the term “Murano glass” is often used merely descriptively and only indicating the type or style of glassblowing, the kind of design, ornamentation and coloration of the glass which are typical for Murano‟s art rather than the origin being Murano itself.

The second definition is subject to indefinite stretching and thus - fraud. Glass from China is being sold as “Murano glass”! Lead crystal is being sold as “Murano glass”! Even industrial production is being sold as “Murano glass”! This is why – when purchasing a product which is supposed to be from Murano – it is important to ask: “Is it made ON Murano OR on mainland?” rather than: “Is it Murano glass?”

However, even then you are still merely relying on somebody‟s trustworthiness and hoping that the nuance of your question is not going to be lost in translation…

Murano glass products include among others: figurines, tableware, vases and the famous chandeliers